The Pittsburgh Oratory relies on donations to cover 87% of its annual $1,000,000 budget. 

Fundraising efforts such as The Friends Campaign, The Newman (Alumni) Fund, The Rednal Benefit

and Sunday Collections account for the majority of the donations that provide financial support

to the Oratory and its many ministries. 

How Gifts Are Used



Congregation of The Oratory

Today our community has seven priests and six brothers. Donations provide for benefits and salaries of some of the fathers as well as seminary education, groceries and household expenses for all 13 community members. 

Divine Worship

The Oratory is blessed to host Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in the Donnelly Chapel of St. Philip Neri. The Chapel is also used for an extensive schedule of daily and weekend Masses, daily Confessions, Benediction and the monthly First Friday Vigil. Expenses include candles, incense, vestments, altar bread and wine, hymnals and worship aids in addition to the general maintenance of the chapel and sacristy.

Campus Ministry

The Oratory is home to the Ryan Catholic Newman Center - a robust campus ministry seeking to bring Christ to the heart of the academic community. An extensive number of resources, programs and events are made available through this ministry and are a vital contribution to the intellectual and spiritual growth of students at University of Pittsburgh, CMU and Chatham. 

Secular Oratory and Adult Ministries

Secular Oratorians are lay members who gather with the Oratorian fathers in prayer, reflection and friendship. The Oratory seeks to provide for the spiritual and communal needs of these lay members through weekly and monthly formation classes and special events throughout the year. 

Spiritual Formation

The Oratorians are dedicated to continuing the work of St. Philip Neri by offering many opportunities for the faithful to attend Holy Mass, go to Confession, engage in spiritual direction and counseling and to study the Scriptures and the essential texts of the Catholic Church. 

Service and Works of Mercy

The Oratory seeks to support the local community and our neighbors in need. Partnering with The Downtown Homeless Ministry, the Good Shepherd Food Pantry in rural West Virginia, The Ronald McDonald House at Children's Hospital and Pittsburgh's beloved Little Sisters of the Poor the Oratory provides food, money, labor and prayers for individuals and families. 

Office and Facility

The Oratory employs four staff members to assist and support the Congregation of the Oratory in carrying out its many ministries. In addition, the Oratory is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of its property and for the promotion - through advertisements, mailings and social media - of the opportunities and resources available to the public. 


The Annual Friends Campaign

Each year, beginning October 1 and ending September 30, the Oratory reaches out to those who have made a meaningful connection with our community in order to request financial support for our life and work. The Friends Campaign has supported the Oratory since the mid 1960's. Raising only a few thousand dollars in its first years the Campaign has grown to provide for 87% of the annual budget and is now the primary source of income for the Oratory. 

Diaconate Ordination of Br. Reed Frey, C.O.

May 20, 2020

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