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The 2023 Annual Rednal Benefit


^ Make sure to click this "Donate" button to submit your donation.

Grand Prize Raffle Details:

Tickets = $5 each

Prize 1: A Two-Night Stay at Rednal

Prize 2: A $500 Amazon Gift Card

Prize 3: A $500 Henne Jewelers Gift Card

To Purchase Grand Prize Raffle tickets:

1. Under "Amount," type the total payment amount for all raffle tickets you wish to purchase (total number of raffle tickets x $5).

2. Please type in the Comments which prize(s) you wish your Grand Prize Raffle tickets to go toward.


*NOTE: You do not have to attend the Rednal Benefit to purchase Grand Prize Raffle tickets.

To make a one-time donation:

Enter the donation amount, and include in the comments that this is a one-time gift.

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If you do not immediately receive a confirmation email after clicking the Donate button above, please call the Oratory at 412-681-3181 and we would be happy to assist you.

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