Rednal Week 2021!

Welcome to the homepage of Rednal Week 2021! Here you can stay up-to-date on our fundraising progress, access the mini-retreat videos and find information about our virtual event on Saturday, March 6. 

Virtual Rednal Raffle

Coming to our virtual event on March 6 at 8pm? Let us know by completing this form!

We are


of the way towards our $50,000 goal.

Virtual Event FAQ

How do I join the virtual event? 

Go to: event begins at 8pm

What will happen during the event? 

The event is going to be so fun! The first ten participants to login will receive a doorbuster prize. We will show two videos - a tour of the property and the 2021 Rednal  Video - play some Oratory trivia (and give away five GREAT prizes), and have the drawing for the Grand Prize Raffle. The event will last just about an hour.

How do I buy raffle tickets? Raffle ticket purchases are closed.

Invitation from the Minister of Rednal

What To Expect on March 6

Rednal Week Virtual Mini-Retreat

 Rednal is about one thing: retreats. It is a place for prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth.

This week, join the Oratorians on a mini-retreat as they reflect, each day, on one of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. Each day's video will be posted here, in the afternoon. 



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