Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

The Oratory celebrates St. Philip Neri's 500th Birthday Party. The picnic drew over 400+ guests.

One Room School House

One Room School House

Members of the Secular Oratory are lead in discussion by Fr. David Abernethy during the School of St. Philip. Members of the Oratory come in all ages from 9 months to 90 years!



Held on February 2, the Feast of the Presentation, the Oratory's annual Candlemas celebration is one of the most popular events of the year.

Group Lectio

Group Lectio

The monthly school of St. Philip takes the form of a "Group Lectio Divina" - members of the Secular Oratory read from the life of St. Philip and actively participate in the group by offering questions and comments on the text.

Ancient Christian Writers Group

Wednesdays | 7:30pm | Downstairs Conference Room 

"Isaac is the mirror. There you will behold yourself. The mirror is so that we may see if we have any shortcoming, any smudge on our face, in order to remove it, to cleanse ourselves..... In Abba Isaac you will behold your thoughts, what they are thinking. Your feet, where they are going. Your eyes, if they have light and see. There you will find many sure and unerring ways in order to be helped.”

First Friday Vigil

First Fridays | 8pm-11pm

Join us for a three hour Vigil of Reparation before the Blessed Sacrament in devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and the burning heart of St. Philip. Each hour consists of a Litany, an Act of Reparation, a Brief Reflection on the particular theme of the Vigil, a Hymn, Silent Prayer, and an Act of Consecration. Veneration of the Relic of St. Philip Neri takes place during the third hour. Confessions will be heard from 7:00 - 7:45pm. 

Led by: Fr. Paul Werley, C.O.

Holy Hour to Pray for Priests

Last Tuesdays | 7:30-8:30pm

Please join us for a monthly holy hour to pray for priests. The holy hour will be held on the last Tuesday of every month and is hosted by the Daughters of Saint Philip Neri. The hour will include a reflection, prayers of reparation including the Offering for the Precious Blood for Priests and more. All are welcome.

Bagels and Bible Study

Wednesdays | 9am | Downstairs Conference Room

Jesus, the Word of God Himself, is the perfect expression and reflection of the Father. As such, it is essential for all Christians to set aside time to enter more deeply into The Word. To study Scripture is to encounter the depth and beauty of God. We welcome you to join the Oratorians every Wednesday morning as we read, study, and reflect on the themes and lessons of the Sunday Mass readings. Bagels and Coffee provided. 

Schola Christi

Second Saturdays | 7pm | Downstairs Conference Room

Join us on the second Saturday of each month for a group for adults and members of the Secular Oratory called "The School of Christ" or Schola Christi. Each month we will reflect upon ways we can draw closer to our Eucharistic Lord, embrace His will in our lives and bear witness to His sacrificial love in the world.  The evening concludes with some tasty dolce and time for fellowship.

Oratory Lecture Series

Last Saturdays | 7pm | Downstairs Conference Room

Each month one of the Oratorian Fathers presents a lecture on a topic of their choosing - past topics have drawn on Scripture, the Liturgy, Prayer and Oratorian Spirituality. The group concludes with time for coffee, desserts and fellowship. Stay tuned for information on presenters and topics.


Tuesdays | 7pm | Downstairs Conference Room

RCIA meets weekly to prepare its members for the reception of the sacraments on Easter. We welcome those who have never been baptized into a Christian faith, those who seek to join the Catholic faith from another Christian denomination, and those who have been raised Catholic and are seeking Confirmation in order to become full members of the Church. To sign up contact Deacon Chuck Rhodes at (412) 621-4951

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“The Secular Oratory is the characteristic work of the Congregation of the Oratory; begun in a time of need for radical moral reform, it is a community of Christians open to the most modern charitable, pastoral, cultural and recreational initiatives… after having tempered the spirit with prayer and the sacraments." – Constitutions and General Statutes of the Confederation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, 118-119


Oratories undertake their work and ministry within what St. Philip called the “Secular Oratory.” By membership in the Secular Oratory the laity enter deeply into the spiritual and liturgical life in imitation of the life and charism of St. Philip Neri. The congregation of priests and brothers together with the laity form the “two lungs” of the Oratory. The Oratory began, not as a religious house or even as a community of priests, but as a group of laymen gathered for prayer and spiritual reading, for conversation and recreation, and for the care of those in need. St. Philip was at the heart of the group, of course. Yet how unobtrusive he was! He desired to bring his friends to Christ, not to himself. Christ was to be found in the sacraments, in Holy Scripture, in the lives of the saints and the history of the Church – and also in other people, especially the poor and the sick, to care for whom is to care for Christ. The Oratory was not particularly dramatic or especially demanding. All sorts belonged, drawn simply by their sense that here, from St. Philip, they could learn how to make progress in knowing and loving our Lord.


Those who participate today in the Secular Oratory are among the successors of the early disciples of St. Philip. In addition to daily reception of the sacraments and frequent spiritual direction those who enter into the life of the Secular Oratory often attend one or several of our adult religious education groups. These groups most often follow the form of a group Lectio Divina, with questions and discussion naturally flowing out of what is read or presented by the group leader.  


Keeping Philip’s original way in mind, the Secular Oratory is not so much a formal confraternity or third order as it is an association of all those who wish to serve God under Philip’s gentle guidance. No specific commitment is required, other than the desire to attend when one can and to grow in one’s faith. It is also a special blessing for us to receive St. Philip’s spirit from the hands of Blessed John Henry Newman. Newman understood that spirit; he knew that in our relations with God and with each other, we must try to leave behind all that is wrong, false and pretentious, so that, in all simplicity, heart can speak to heart. This is what Saint Philip wants for those who take him as a special patron: simply and intimately, to know Christ. It is the aim of the members of the Secular Oratory, each one as far as he or she can, to seek that knowledge in Saint Philip’s way and Newman’s: in prayer and devotion, through the bonds of Christian friendship and in works of practical charity.




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