Sea of Love and Sorrow

Daughters, to draw close to the heart of your Beloved, is to draw to mind continually how He offered Himself to you on the Cross. Do not fear to lose yourself completely in the thought of His sufferings. For it is when you are immersed in this vast sea of love and sorrow that He will adorn you with His own virtue and reveal to you most completely His great desire for you.

Keep a continual remembrance of the sufferings of your heavenly Spouse. Endeavor to fathom the love with which he endured them. The shortest way is to lose yourself completely in that abyss of sufferings. Truly does the prophet call the Passion of Jesus a sea of love and of sorrow. Ah! therein lies the great secret which is revealed only to the humble. In this vast sea the souls fishes for the pearls of virtues and makes her own the sufferings of her Beloved.

Hold yourself interiorly on the bosom of God, in the passive way; this is the surest means of losing yourself in God, passing, however, continually through the Gate divine, which is Jesus Christ crucified, making His sufferings yours. Love teaches all, for the Passion with it's bitter sorrows is the work of infinite love.

How can you, by love, make your own the sufferings of our sweet Jesus? God will teach you how when it pleases Him, for He alone can do so. The soul inflamed with the love of God in pure and simple faith suddenly finds herself, when God pleases, penetrated with the sufferings of Jesus; in a glance of faith she sees them all, without understanding; for the Passion of Our Savior is a labor of love, and the soul thus lost in God, Who is all charity, all love, makes of herself a fount of love and sorrow.

St. Paul of the Cross



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