Talk to Me in Love's simple language

My mind filled with a hundred and one things.

“Tell Me that all of it is for Me. I was for you at every moment of My life. I came for love; for love I saved you. I had you in mind in everything that went to make up My days. So don’t do anything outside of Me. Even if you consider that it has nothing to do with Me. Everything has to do with Me. Don’t shut Me out; never shut Me out. At every moment I am ready to receive you. If you were not ready for Me, you would lead Me to think that I was not your intimate friend. Am I no longer that?”

Oh, yes, You are; You are my great and beautiful love.

“Then talk to Me in love’s simple language. Warm your heart and seek to warm Mine, just as though you were afraid that I was not tender enough and by calling Me gently you would arouse My love. And this would really be to lure Me to My task. Bliss is yours if you believe this.

So go right to the limit of your loving thoughts, your desire to love, your sacrifices for love’s sake. Prolong them. And go valiantly since it is for Me, your Christ who loves you—should I say to the point of folly? Because you see ‘the folly of the cross’ is a reality.

You’re not very sure of this, are you? There is always this distance that you put between God and His children, whereas I try to remove all distance. Oh, My daughter, come to Me more simply. I always make the comparison of the little child who throws her two arms around her Father’s neck. Do you need so much ceremony to love Him, to thank Him? Don’t you see that the Father gives more tenderness than He receives?”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”



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