In the arms of the Well-Beloved

Daughters, to find one's joy in the cross is no small thing and requires great faith. But the rewards of doing so are also great; to find oneself in the arms of the Beloved, afflicted perhaps but with the wounds of love.

By the cross God perfects the loving soul that offers Him a fervent and generous heart.

Oh, what can I say of the precious and divine treasure that our great God has hidden in suffering?

But this is a great secret, known only to she who loves; and I, who have had no experience of it, must be content to admire it from afar.

Happy the heart that keeps itself on the cross, in the arms of the Well-Beloved, and that burns only with divine love!

Happier the one that suffers without joy, and is thus transformed into Christ!

Happy she who suffers without being attached to her suffering, desiring only to die to herself, in order to love yet more Him Who inflicts the wound of love!

St. Paul of the Cross



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