Candlemas Celebration!

On February 2nd The Pittsburgh Oratory held what will hopefully become the 1st of an annual celebration of The Feast of The Presentation (traditionally known as "Candlemas"). Celebrated both in the liturgy and in the communal meal following, the Feast, observed on the 40th Day after the Solemnity of Christmas, began with The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The blessing, distribution and lighting of candles took place at the beginning of Mass, as well as the chanting of the Canticle of Simeon among several other antiphons, and a blessing of the congregation with Holy Water.

Following Mass over 115 members of the Oratory community - adults, students and families alike - gathered downstairs for a meal inspired by the traditional candlemas foods of Mexico: tamales, shrimp fritters, hot chocolate, wine and cookies!

The Oratory is so grateful to all who cooked the food, and helped with set up and clean up. We are so happy that so many attended and made the night such a smashing success!

For these and other photos from The Pittsburgh Oratory click here!



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