An Oratory is a "house of prayer" supported by the priests and brothers of the Congregation of the Oratory, a Catholic society of apostolic life. Here in Pittsburgh, the Oratory where the Oratorians live, pray, and work is also a Catholic Newman Center for the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham University. The original Oratory was founded in Rome in 1575 by St. Philip Neri (1515-1595) as a place where "heart speaks to heart" (cor ad cor loquitur) in the encounter of human culture and learning with the Gospel. The Newman Center is name for the Oratorian and pioneer in education of Catholic laity, St. John Henry Newman (1801-1890). The Oratorian priests, in collaboration with FOCUS Missionaries, model the spirituality of St. Philip and St. John Henry Newman in the evangelization of college students and their introduction into intimacy with Christ. 

Over the last century, the Newman Center has facilitated thousands of Catholic students in their encounter with Christ, growth in faith, and preparation for a lifetime of immersion in the love of God - all this without sacrificing the pursuit of excellence as students in the secular university. And in providing for the religious formation of the mind, the Newman Center completes what is often lacking in university education. In his Idea of a University, St. John Henry argues that knowledge of one's faith "is not only a portion, but a condition of general knowledge. To blot it out is nothing short, if I may so speak, of unravelling the web of University Teaching." By hosting catechetical programs and enabling Catholic friendships, the Newman Center has helped to ensure access to this important personal formation without a compromise of the heart and soul of education itself - the embrace of divinely revealed truth.

Our service to the Catholic community in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh includes the daily celebration of Mass, the frequent availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and our program of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. In addition, we organize FOCUS Bible Studies, student retreats, service projects, and social events of all kinds. Through this vibrant ministry we strive to spread the joy of the Gospel in the heart of every students. 

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