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Support the Oratory
The Pittsburgh Oratory Annual Fund


Mass Collections

Make a donation to Sunday Mass Collections.



Support the Oratory's retreat program at Rednal retreat house


Oratory Meal Train

Make your favorite meal for the Oratorians two dinners a week.

Legacy, Stock, and IRA Giving 


The Oratory is able to accept your legacy and non-cash gifts, which can be liquidated to assist with immediate needs, or invested to support future ministry. Donating gifts of stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, and other equities or non-cash assets can offer substantial tax savings. 


Appreciated investments can be donated directly to the Oratory without paying any capital gains tax, increasing the impact of your gift by up to 20%, while still receiving a deduction for the fair-market value of the asset from your federally taxable income. We are also able to receive Qualified Charitable Distributions from a Traditional IRA, which can be especially helpful if you do not need all of the funds for your required minimum distribution. 


Please consider the Pittsburgh Oratory in your estate planning or when writing your will (Mention “The Pittsburgh Oratory”). Your bequest could support the ministry for years to come! Non-cash gifts are easier to make than you might think. 


Contact Fr. Reed, Oratory Treasurer, for more information at 412.681.3181.

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