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Rednal Retreat House

The busy lives of university students allow little of the peace and quiet that we need to raise our minds and hearts to God. Jesus Himself required time away from His public work for quiet intimacy with His disciples and His heavenly Father. The Oratory is very fortunate to have Rednal, an 87-acre retreat house, located in Ligonier, PA. Our spacious house and its beautiful chapel, nestled in a deep valley with forests and meadows, is a perfect place for prayer, study, fellowship, and growing closer to God. Throughout the school year, Rednal hosts retreats on a monthly basis. Retreats are offered for undergraduates, graduates, men and women. In addition, our annual Barn Dance, a fun night of square dancing, is held in the early fall.

When you donate to Rednal, your gift goes directly to the Rednal Retreat House Fund, and makes it possible for us to send students on retreat. The cost of retreats for students is mostly, or entirely, covered by the Oratory. Students are invited to give a donation of $20 when they go on retreat, but the actual cost of sending them is at minimum $150. Retreats at Rednal are a vital source of peace, formation, and prayer, for students who study at urban campuses, and our hope is that financial constraints never limit a student's access to them. Your donations truly make our retreat program possible.

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