Located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands, the Rednal Retreat House has provided to hundreds of visitors over the years a place of peace, quiet, and beauty in which to encounter God. Past generations of students and members of the Oratory community possess fond memories of retreats and festive gatherings that have taken place here over the years. Those just beginning their time in Pittsburgh look forward to their first chance to experience this extraordinary place. Building up the retreat house and the grounds over the years has been a great labor of love; one that is ongoing even today as renovations and improvements are made to ensure its existence long into the future.


In July 1967 a gift was given to The Oratory in the form of a down payment for "Rednal" - an 87-acre farm in Ligionier, Pennsylvania named after Blessed Newman's retreat for the Birmingham Oratory in Englad. For the next twenty years the generous gifts of families in the Oratory community served to pay that mortgage down, and in the mid 80's The Oratory was able to claim full ownership of the property. Since then the fields have been cleared, renovations made, additions for bedrooms and chapel constructed and monthly bills paid – all througb the generous support of those who believe in Rednal’s mission to provide a natural, serene and prayerful retreat away from the many demands placed upon students living and laboring in urban campuses. 




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